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I haven’t posted on here in ages since I don’t really do storytime anymore. I work in teen services now! I do have a few flannel stories to share, though, so I will post those over the next few weeks!

This story is one that I saw on Yo Gabba Gabba, and thought was so cute I wanted to share it in storytime!

Charlie C the Centipede
By Joel Trussell
Full set of pieces

Charlie C the centipede
Lived inside a walnut seed.
Today was a very special day,
He was going to buy a hat! Hooray!
So he wriggled down the road
That was squiggly and grey.
Beetle next door asked,
“Where you headed today?”
“To buy a hat,” said Charlie C.
“Well then you should get one
That’s round and green!”
“Hmmm, well,” said Charlie C,
“We’ll see which hat is the best for me.”
Beetle and Green Hat

A few rocks down and up in the sky
Was Ana Maria the damsel fly.
“I heard the hat shop is where you’re going,
Why not get one with purple feathers showing?”
“I don’t know yet,” said Charlie C,
“But I’m going to find the right one for me!”
Damsel Fly and Feather Hat

A few leaves down and under a tree
Was Bernie Brown, a roly poly.
“I’m excited for you to get a hat,
May I recommend one that’s brown and flat?”
“Brown and flat, that does sound nice,
But I’ll find the hat that fits me right!”
Roly Poly and Brown Hat

At the door of the hat shop stood Tony the flea.
“We’ve got many to choose from, come and see!”
So Charlie C scooted right on by.
He saw so many hats stacked up really high!
“Hmm, the green one isn’t right you see,
And purple feathers tickle me!”
In the Hat Store

And after Charlie C had tried on 73,
He finally exclaimed “I found the one that’s right for me!
It’s tall, shiny, round and black.”
Tony the flea said “It’s called a top hat!”
“Thank you so much Mr. Flea,
I finally found the one for me!”

The Perfect Hat!

I don’t have a pattern for it because I made it up as I went along, but you get the general idea!


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